March 25, 2024

Accelerating the Future of Healthcare

Over recent years, the healthcare industry witnessed the emergence of digital health, telehealth and pharmacy disruptors who offered new models of care and reimagined delivery systems. They needed a partner with the experience and infrastructure necessary to scale and implement their ideas to market.  

We took a decade of experience in providing disaggregated PBM solutions and customized medication fulfillment models and launched HealthDyne. Today, HealthDyne works with all types of healthcare companies to empower better care and services for their customers. HealthDyne has swiftly become not only a one-stop-shop for customized pharmacy distribution, but a health enablement space for curated patient support models, hub-like services and other segmented PBM solutions.  

“Since launching HealthDyne, we’ve seen over 60% growth year over year and have partnered with notable brands in the market,” says Brian Laird, President, HealthDyne. “We’ve also continued to invest in our future. We are advancing distribution technology, procurement strategies and pharmacy workflow; all important components to provide the efficiency and cost savings that comes with using our services.” 

After years of leading the digital pharmacy outsourcing space, HealthDyne continues to grow. We are expanding our facilities across the country, hardening our infrastructure, reevaluating processes, retooling our technology and systems, and hiring industry experts across all areas. Because the future of healthcare is just around the corner.  

As we continue to watch supply chain disruptors expand, more and more patients and legislators are demanding transparency in pricing and convenience. With this renewed public focus, disruptors continue to seek support to meet these challenges. “We’re looking at a definitive shift in the market. There’s higher consumer focus, higher pressure to find the lowest cost and an elevated need for high-level customization to support innovative solutions,” concludes Brian. HealthDyne is ready with a vision of smarter, faster, creative ways to enable pharmacy distribution, deliver supply chain solutions and improve the patient experience.