Who We Serve

Healthcare visionaries

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes and don’t fit into a neat list. Each with unique needs, they value a partner that offers deep industry experience to help tackle the business challenges they face. A partner ready to help them scale their business for faster growth and success. A partner with key capabilities and a proven track record. We don’t think that’s expecting too much — and it’s the exact niche we fill.


With hardened infrastructure and technology already built.

We will flex it all to meet your specific needs.

And we can deliver it under your brand. All of it. All the time.

Telehealth and digital healthcare innovators

These companies are making healthcare easier and more accessible to more consumers. With new ideas and care models, they are blazing new paths and disrupting how healthcare is offered and delivered to consumers. They share a common commitment to providing an exceptional consumer experience and care deeply about their patients. They leverage our API-integration capabilities for quick and easy implementation with HealthDyne.

  • Telehealth
  • Digital health
  • Healthcare disruptors

Healthcare companies with established business models

Some companies want to expand their product lines, move into new markets or new geographies. Others want to differentiate their brands and compete more effectively in the markets they serve today. They all want to take great care of their patients. These companies need modular pharmacy solutions such as mail order, specialty pharmacy, clinical programs or digital engagement and technology solutions. We provide à la carte service options that are hardened, scaled and ready to deploy.

  • Health plans
  • PBMs
  • Specialty pharmacies

Pharma and life sciences

Leading up to or following FDA approval, we handle product fulfillment and distribution as well as clinical and patient care services for drug manufacturers. Our pharmacy services include drug trial support, hub services, patient assistance program (PAP) administration, clinical data collection, fulfillment and distribution to all 50 states. We also consult on commercialization and formulary strategies to help clients reach more patients.

  • Drug manufacturers
  • Rare and orphan drugs
  • Medical devices

Healthcare providers

We serve companies that range from highly specialized providers focused on a specific therapeutic category such as diabetes management or renal care, to broad healthcare service providers that serve a wide base of patients. Deeply rooted in the business of healthcare, these companies need a high-touch, flexible pharmacy partner. HealthDyne helps deliver a branded, high-touch patient experience to drive a highly satisfied, loyal customer base.

  • Lifestyle brands
  • Preventive health
  • Diabetes care
  • Respiratory care
  • Renal care
  • Complex care

What do we do for these widely diverse businesses?

We ship medications anywhere they need to go. And we provide wraparound clinical management, patient engagement and technology services on a modular basis so clients get the exact support they need from their pharmacy distribution partner. All under their brand.

Are you ready to go? We are!

Contact us to learn more and chat about how we can help you meet your goals.