March 24, 2022

Sarah Thomas: The Beat Goes On

If it sounds as though Sarah Thomas is beating a drum for smart, effective pharmacy solutions, rest assured that it comes naturally. Ambition, energy and a drive to succeed have always defined her. “In 3rd grade, I wanted to grow up to be President,” she admits. “At that time, I attached my handwritten goals to the ceiling of my room, outlining the family I would have, where I would live and how my career would evolve.” Aside from academics, music emerged as a calling in high school where she was a member of the drum line. Today, in her spare time, she plays in a rock band that has mostly been on hiatus during the pandemic.

Over the years, many of those early goals came true. “Of course, life unfolds in its own way,” Sarah continues. “It’s always a different ride from what you expect, but the ambition, persistence and will to succeed are at my core.”

As VP, Sales & Commercialization, Sarah combines unbridled enthusiasm with industry knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit to understand the goals of forward-thinking organizations seeking a pharmacy partner. “Crafting solutions is fun,” she explains, noting that HealthDyne clients arrive with varying levels of experience in the pharmacy industry. “They often need direction regarding how to implement pharmacy as a revenue stream for their business, what it takes to grow profit and how to support a better patient experience. My passion is to develop the framework through the lens of a deep understanding of the marketplace.”

While companies could choose to build and operate their own pharmacy, it’s no small task and most realize that filling prescriptions is not in itself a differentiator. “At the end of the day, the consumer receives the medication,” Sarah says. “Forward-thinking organizations want to put in place a model that allows them to focus on the true differentiators for their organizations. I focus on how HealthDyne can structure the best operating model to meet their needs.”

Coming from a professional background in product development, Sarah digs into the strategic opportunities to support each client. “Led by family experiences and a personal interest, I have a strong appreciation of the healthcare system and an awareness of what works and what’s broken,” she adds. “Changes forced by the pandemic are transforming the pharmacy industry. I’m excited to be working with companies focused on driving positive change.”

Pursuing a business leadership path in college, Sarah wrote an honors thesis on globalization and technology that resulted in invitations to present her thesis at the University of California, Berkeley, and educational institutions in Thailand and China. She considered a career in international business, but it was the drumbeat of the healthcare industry that lured her after college. “I’ve never looked back,” she says. “I’m attracted by the complexity of healthcare, having to figure out how all the complicated pieces fit together and helping to build solutions that solve big problems.”