April 10, 2023

HealthDyne Takes the Stage at Asembia

Asembia’s Specialty Pharmacy Summit is described as the event “where all of specialty pharmacy meets,” a gathering of 5,000+ industry attendees featuring educational sessions, continuing education programs and networking opportunities. At this year’s conference, HealthDyne leader, David Skomo, Chief Operating Officer, joins Nick Meza of Quarles & Brady, to lead participants into the ever-changing regulatory environment that impacts how pharmacies conduct business.

The Changing Landscape of Specialty Legislation
Presented by: David Skomo, Chief Operating Officer, HealthDyne, and Nick Meza, Attorney and Partner, Quarles & Brady LLP
Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit, Las Vegas
Wednesday, May 3, 2:00 – 2:45 PM PT

Conducting pharmacy business across state lines – and in your own state – is more challenging than ever due to expanding nonresident pharmacy (NRP) laws and regulations. With mandates that result in unique, state-by-state requirements, centralized models such as specialty pharmacy are being disproportionately impacted.

“Pharmacy is complex. Navigating the laws and regulations adds another layer of complexity,” David explains. “The NRP laws have an alarming impact on centralized pharmacy models and it takes immense expertise and effort to stay ahead of the ever-changing regulations.”

Labeling, packaging, licensing, remote working, and other activities are under a microscope in this ever-changing regulatory environment. The session at Asembia will explore solutions that bring sensibility and clarity, enabling the specialty pharmacy operational model to continue to provide patients with access to critical medications.