June 7, 2023

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company and HealthDyne Announce Pharmacy Partnership

HealthDyne partners with Cost Plus Drugs to further lower costs and expand access to affordable prescription medications for those living with chronic diseases.

LAKELAND, FL, June 7, 2023 – Ongoing changes in the healthcare industry have fueled innovators to reinvent the future, forge new paths, make smart decisions, and find aligned partners to disrupt the traditional pharmacy space. HealthDyne and Cost Plus Drugs have partnered to deliver pharmacy solutions for a new era in medication therapy distribution.

HealthDyne, the national provider of digital pharmacy services, was selected by Cost Plus Drugs to expand its pharmacy operations. “Healthcare companies have been relying on us for years to get therapies into the hands of their customers,” explains Steve Saft, HealthDyne/WellDyne CEO. “As a trusted partner of Cost Plus Drugs, we will put forth our deep industry and clinical expertise, leading technology, and pharmacy infrastructure to drive significant operational and cost efficiencies. Together, we will fulfill our mission to empower better healthcare for consumers.”

“Our company was created to help solve the ongoing challenges of patients not being able to afford medications and supplies,” says Alex Oshmyansky, CEO of Cost Plus Drugs. “We set out to provide a new way for patients to receive their treatments at an affordable price. We already offer transparent, low prices to cash-pay consumers but are excited to partner with HealthDyne to further reduce costs, increase medication access, and deliver an unprecedented patient experience.”

Brian Laird, HealthDyne President, adds that today’s new era of digital healthcare companies demands a unique level of pharmacy business capabilities and expertise. “We are committed to leveraging our deep expertise in pharmacy distribution and patient engagement technologies, coupled with Cost Plus Drugs’ transparent supply chain solution to deliver new models of care,” Brian explains. “Tapping into the advanced infrastructure and technology of HealthDyne enables Cost Plus Drugs to get medications into the hands of more patients safely and on time.”

The future of healthcare is increasingly digital, presenting an opportunity to unwind the complicated healthcare delivery system. “Our partnership with Cost Plus Drugs demonstrates the strength of a pharmacy accelerator to deliver improved value and outcomes for patients. Together, we will drive meaningful change in healthcare – in a time when it’s more important than ever,” concludes Steve.

About HealthDyne

Grown from a long history of flexibility supporting unique client needs, HealthDyne works with all types of healthcare companies to empower better care and services for their customers. In addition to pharmacy distribution services, the company provides a wraparound set of clinical, technological and patient-centered modules to empower client capabilities. Two state-of-the-art pharmacies are located at HealthDyne facilities in Lakeland, FL and Denver, CO. View the company’s website and follow HealthDyne on LinkedIn.

About Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company

The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, PBC (Cost Plus Drugs) aims to fundamentally change the way the pharmaceutical industry operates. As a public-benefit corporation, its social mission of improving public health is just as important as the bottom line. Cost Plus Drugs transparently charges a standard markup on every drug it sells. The online pharmacy launched in January 2022 now carries over 1,000 prescription products, delivered by mail to thousands of happy customers every day. Cost Plus Drugs is working with health plans, managed-care organizations, pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) and self-insured employers to bring these same savings to employer-sponsored benefit plans nationwide.


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