March 24, 2022

Pharmacy is Embedded in our DNA


When clients approach us for pharmacy services, it’s usually the start of an interesting dialog.  “Although I’d never say that I’ve heard it all, I have heard many interesting stories that led clients to our door,” says David Skomo, RPh, Chief Operating Officer. “Some may be operating a small pharmacy and experiencing tremendous growth, while others are adding medication therapy as a brand-new service. Still others are branching out into new therapeutic areas with complex medication handling or cold-chain requirements.”

With pharmacy in his DNA, Dave is equipped to creatively solve for any situation. He has been at home in neighborhood pharmacies surrounded by shelves of drugs and also among robotics and automation in busy 340b, mail-order and specialty pharmacies. “I’ve been involved in building out pharmacies that fill as few as 50,000 scripts a year to 50,000 or more scripts a day,” he explains. “Each has its own unique rewards and challenges.”

Having built half a dozen pharmacies from scratch and led more pharmacy improvement projects than he can count, Dave offers extraordinary knowledge and expertise. “You get to be an expert in physical space and layout, inventory management, location planning, logistics, technology and automation,” he says, “not to mention the rigorous licensing process with boards of pharmacy in each state.”

In addition to building from scratch, he has also led the integration, expansion and relocation of multiple mail order and specialty pharmacies. Most challenging is the need to integrate pharmacy operations – from multiple locations, using different processing and patient care systems, with different operating hours and staff expertise.

“It’s never as simple as you may think,” Dave concludes, acknowledging his unique perspective drawn from many roles in the pharmacy industry. Clients who work with HealthDyne get the benefit of his decades of experience and creativity.