April 13, 2023

Turning Big Ideas into Reality

During the Covid pandemic, the pharmacy industry exploded with ideas. Telehealth visits, internet pharmacies, mobile health apps, and enhanced patient touchpoints fast-tracked healthcare innovation at speeds no one anticipated. Jessica Gast, Director, Client Services ensures HealthDyne resources are positioned to support today’s pharmacy organizations that are emerging or expanding – no matter how complex their needs.

“I specialize in turning ideas into reality,” Jessica explains. “Our clients vary from hospital systems to internet physicians’ practices to large, specialized clinics and more. Our clients are all different and I work with our teams to engage the best solutions for their unique goals and expectations.”

Vast pharmacy experience made Jessica an expert in innovating and solving for any kind of pharmacy business, whether the need is for medication distribution, consumer engagement or specialty and patient care. From an early age, she knew that a healthcare career was in her future.

During her pre-med studies, Jessica worked at Target as a pharmacy tech where she discovered that helping patients was her calling. She honed her skills and knowledge at WellDyne, where she started as a performance optimization analyst, working with patient data migration, software development and testing, and business-requested enhancements. She moved through the ranks as a project manager, an account executive and later, as client services manager. Upon its launch, Jessica helped establish HealthDyne as the pharmacy industry’s go-to outsourcing choice.

“When a large health plan came on board, their member satisfaction scores were low due to delivery and communication issues,” Jessica says. “Our teams came together in specific workstreams to investigate the situation from all angles.” Member services established a designated call center with customized scripting and process improvements, and the IT team provided its advanced member portal. “Together, we addressed all pain points and within months, we were able to transition the Net Promoter Score (NPS) from a negative to a positive,” Jessica adds.

Jessica’s job is to ensure we exceed requests and get patients the medications they need, all while providing clients with a rollup of what we are doing for them regarding savings, number of prescriptions dispensed and other specifics that relate to their goals. Supporting the success and growth of clients is part of her job satisfaction, along with having the ability to touch so many lives through her work. “My true passion is what I do now,” she concludes.