What We Do

Specialty and Patient Care Support

Yes, it’s possible to take great care of patients and manage specialty pharmacy cost. We’re known for having the lowest specialty trend in the industry — founded on our exceptional results in key therapeutic areas, including inflammatory conditions, oncology and diabetes.


Treatment Success

We help patients stay adherent to treatment by engaging them in their care and providing the education, guidance and support they need to understand their diagnosis and treatment plans as they prepare for what’s ahead. Our care team helps patients anticipate and manage potential side effects, provides adherence coaching and collects patient-reported outcomes to help patients recognize and document the results of their therapies. When patients take medication as prescribed, they can avoid or delay a switch to a higher cost therapy.


medication adherence

Utilization Is Key

When patients start or change therapy, we make sure prescribed therapy is the most appropriate from a clinical and cost perspective. Our prior auth approval rate is far lower than the 85-95% seen in the industry — but it doesn’t stop there. We also review all treatment escalations when higher doses or more costly medications are prescribed. We layer on precision medicine with pharmacogenomics testing to ensure that prescribed therapies are effective — which avoids costly trial and error to find the right drug.


prior auth approval

Patient Engagement

We’ve modernized specialty pharmacy with easy ways for patients to connect and share status. For many patients, texting is less intrusive and a highly preferred way to communicate — and using our HIPAA-compliant system is fast and simple. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and we use psychographic data to tailor our outreach to guide patient behavior and decisions. Our care team takes great pride in helping patients achieve the best possible health and our high patient satisfaction scores reflect the value and impact of our care model.


of patients engage via text

Guaranteed Results

With HealthDyne, you get a transparent partner that keeps your patients actively engaged in their care and as healthy as possible, all while we manage the clinical appropriateness of care to lower your costs — guaranteed. Our track record and confidence in managing the highest cost clinical categories means we back it up with therapeutic trend guarantees to give you a more predictable outcome on the top cost drivers within specialty pharmacy.


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

So, what’s the bottom line?

Successfully managing one of the highest-cost, fastest-growing areas within healthcare gives you a competitive edge in the market. Happy patients, meaningful savings and predictable results are all part of the package.

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